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Who Says Babies and Pets Cannot Model?

Who Says Babies and Pets Cannot Model?

Photographers often avoid to take jobs that involve taking pictures of babies or taking pictures of pets, yet the demand remains quite high due to the cuteness of the objects. The reason is simple enough. They do not listen to you, you cannot ask babies and animals to look into the camera, facing a specific direction, or do a specific pose. They do as they want to do, hence frustrate many photographers. Photographer Malaysia, fully experienced in almost all types of photography, know the tips and tricks to run baby photography and pet photography with minimum hassle.

* Make them want the camera

As you cannot negotiate with them to look into the camera, you should trick them to aim for the camera. The trick would be the same whether it is babies or animals. Get their favorite toy and attach it above your lens. They would be captivated and have their eyes to the lens. Never use permanent glue or adhesive to attach the toy. Use elastic band or ribbon to let it dangling near the camera. It is very effective and save you time in the photoshoot.

* Timing is everything

By timing, i do not mean the timing of the camera, but the timing of the photoshoot. Babies have their sleeping schedule and cats are nocturnals. It would be best to choose the time when they are active. It would be difficult to capture a happy baby picture when the baby is sleepy or hungry.

* Do not make it feels like a photoshoot

Being surrounded by lights and cameras might not be the usual environment for babies or animals. If possible, use natural lighting. Keep the vibe happy and natural as if it is not a professional photo session, yet the result would have professional quality.

Photographer Malaysia uses the tricks above to capture babies and pets photography. A lot of people would love to have their babies or pets Photographer Malaysia photographed and you might not want to miss the chance!

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